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Welcome to the PaulBook Project

This web site is a collection of my projects. These projects include web applications, desktop & server software, websites, blogs and various other items which hold interest for me. All the projects found on this site are designed with only one thing in mind: learning. If you like my projects I encourage you to donate. All projects on this site function under a creative commons license please click on the license information found below for more details.

What can be found on this web site?

For an overview of PaulBook projects and detailed project documentaion please visit the Projects section. Programmers might be interested in our sourcecode and whitepaper elements found in each individual project. Each project contains specifications on design, use, code/project development and tutorials.

Do you like the projects or have you learned something of value?

Donations are accepted through Paypal. This feeds me and helps to fund future projects so I can donate further to the technical community.

Need some help with one of the project?

Each project contains an FAQ page. For more detailed support please go to the contact page and send me your questions. A wiki is currently under design for this site for community support.

Why do you do this?

I love to learn! I love to play with technology. I eat, sleep and breath technology. Making some money would be great too. Some projects will eventually move to my commercial website Aeon Labs. At that point in time a project will be archived.

What are your other sections?

I also write on a few BLOGS and maintain a few other websites. Funny enough how the web has segmented so many Web 2.0 apps for different purposes.

Thank you for checking out the PaulBook project.